Welcome to the EPRA Electronic Toys Program. 



If you supply obligated electronic toys (e-toys) in, or into, British Columbia you are required to be part of a product management program approved by the British Columbia Government.


On April 22, 2013 the Board of Directors for the Canadian Brandowners Residual Stewardship Corporation (CBRSC) voted to approve the integration of electronic toys (e-toys) into the Electronic Products Recycling Association British Columbia (EPRA BC) stewardship program commencing August 1, 2013.   The BC Ministry of the Environment approved this transition on May 21, 2013.


EPRA BC is an industry-led, and Ministry of the Environment approved, electronics stewardship program that has been operational in BC since August of 2007.  On August 1, 2013 the CBRSC Stewardship Plan will be withdrawn and EPRA will assume responsibility for e-toys under Part 2 of the British Columbia Recycling Regulation.  


For consumers, the EPRA BC network of more than 130 depots across the province will accept your e-toys as of August 1st, 2013. 


For obligated retailers, manufacturers and others supplying regulated e-toys:

·         Click here to access EPRA’s National Stewards Agreement and the EHF Reporting & Remitting Rules.

·         Click here to register as an EPRA Steward.

·         Click here to contact EPRA to learn how to become a registered steward



All Remitters are required to submit reports to EPRA BC indicating the number and type of designated products sold in that period, and remit payment on net quantity sold. If no sales were conducted during the period, a NIL return must also be filed on time. Reporting on August 2013 sales can be completed beginning September 1st, 2013 and remittance for the August activity is due by September 30th, 2013







General Inquiries & Steward Services
E-mail: rep@eprassociation.ca
Telephone:  1-888-252-2712  

Executive Director, EPRA Western Canada
Craig Wisehart