Types of Stewards

Please carefully consider which steward type would be most suited for your organization. 
Remitter Steward - A steward with the provincial program that is responsible for:
-          Submitting monthly reports on the supply of obligated products in or into the province; and
-          Remitting the appropriate EHF remittances.
Pay-on-Purchase (POP) Steward - A steward that:
-          Is based, operates in, and supplies obligated product within a single province only;
-          Sources all obligated products from Remitters;
-          Does not assemble or manufacture obligated products;
-          Has applied into the program and been approved to have suppliers report and remit the EHF on 
           the supply, and therefore,
-          Is not required to submit monthly reports or remit EHF on obligated product supplies. 

*If your needs are predominantly served by the POP steward membership, but you find that your organization is required to report for a small quantity of your supplies, please contact rep@eprassociation.ca.


Please note that these steward types do not apply to the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES). For information about OES steward types, please visit http://www.ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca/stewards/remitter-or-sub-remitter/


To register as an ICI DS or Media steward in British Columbia, please contact rep@eprassociation.ca